Working Height: 27m

Maximum Outreach: 18.10m

Lifting height - 25m

Permissible inclination - 5°

Total height - 3m

Total length - 7.50m

Permissible total weight - 3.500kg

Work basket size - 1.40 x 0.70m

Work basket load capacity - 250kg

Wheelbase carrier chassis - 3665mm

Range of rotation - 2 x 225°

The TB 270 pro features unprecedented reach capabilities. The popular work platform easily exceeds the previous performance capacities and provides stability that cannot be found anywhere else in the industry.

With the development of the STEIGER® TB 270 pro, Ruthmann has broken through the 18m reach barrier in the 3.5ton, STEIGER® TB(R) category. With a sensational 18.1m, operators have 1.7m of additional reach capacity, compared to the previous model. The lateral outreach of 15m is another highlight. The vehicle is also more compact – 200mm shorter to be exact, than its predecessor.

This reach champion is perfectly suited for rugged, everyday activities.

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