Working Height: 65m

Maximum Outreach: 42m

Lifting height - 63m

Permissible inclination - 2°

Total height - < 3.99m

Total length - 11.99m

Swivelling angle of upper boom - 180°

Swivelling angle of the jib / RÜSSEL® - 220°

Permissible total weight - > 32.000kg

Work basket size - 2.42 x 0.97m

Maximum work basket size - 3.82 x 0.97m

Work basket load capacity - 600kg

Range of rotation - 500°

Outreach world champion: 43m!

  • Top performance data due to multi-bevelled boom technology
  • ‘Standing’ working basket perfect for ‘under and up’ as well as all possibilities of ‘up and over and back’ during lowered RÜSSEL ®
  • Working below ground possible
  • More possibilities with the special features HEIGHT performance
  • Automatic set-up/ retraction mechanism at the push of a button
  • Aluminium working cage can be extended hydraulically
  • Maintenance-friendly boom system
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