Working Height: 70m

Maximum Outreach: 41m

Lifting height - 68m

Permissible inclination - 2°

Total height - < 3.99m

Total length - 11.99m

Swivelling angle of upper boom - 180°

Swivelling angle of the jib / RÜSSEL® - 220°

Permissible total weight - > 32.000kg

Work basket size - 2.42 x 0.97m

Maximum work basket size - 3.82 x 0.97m

Work basket load capacity - 600kg

Range of rotation - 500°

With the new STEIGER® T 700 HF, Ruthmann present a further highlight of engineering. The compact machine achieves a working height of 70m and an outstanding outreach of 41m on a carrier chassis less than 12m long.

This development fulfils the market requirement for a compact machine of 70m with a high lateral outreach for the confined working space. Through the new long triple upper boom, the up & over outreach is increased by further 3.5m in comparison to the T 650 HF.

Due to the 1.7m higher articulation point and the 24.6m long upper boom, operations can be carried out in narrow areas, e.g. at the rear of buildings which were previously very difficult to achieve in this height class. Together with the highly stable base frame, the extremely robust construction made of high-tech steel in polygonal technology authorises a position inclination of up to 2°.

The lower boom enables an angle of elevation of 83°, so that the machine can be positioned even closer to the building and the outreach be used even more efficiently.

The T 700 HF can be mounted on different carrier chassis and be registered with a GVWR between 32 and 36 tons.

The proven highflex functions of the Ruthmann’s HF series also make the T 700 HF an all-rounder for all imaginable situations. The working basket can be rotated by 440°. Working behind obstacles such as pipelines or roof structures is optimally feasible (up, over & back). The 2m long highflex-RÜSSEL® can be rotated by 220° – still more flexibility for ‘under and up’ works with upright working basket as well as for ‘up, over and back’ works with lowered highflex-RÜSSEL®.

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