The new VTA135 from Versalift

Out with the old

Back in 2015, we launched the LAT135 pick-up mounted platform on an Isuzu D-Max and Toyota chassis.

What people were saying

We have sold numerous LAT models into the UK and Irish DNO network as well as to contractors and end-users.

Thanks to our strong relationships and on-going dialogue we have with customers to help improve our products, it became quite clear that our customers and the market required a platform that offered better performance, viable payload, and maximum storage capability.


The new type approved pick-up mounted VTA135

Completely redesigned, the new VTA135, available on both an Isuzu D-Max and Toyota Hilux chassis, features the already well-received profiled lightweight boom as seen on our award-winning VT van mounted range, and both options have gained full type approval.


Payload and Safety

Due to the extensive re-design, the customer has the capability to optimise on locker design and still has an extensive safe working payload on both the Isuzu and Toyota.

As an example, the Isuzu offers an enormous safe working payload of 370kg after driver, passenger, and fuel – really putting the VTA at the forefront of the market.

And as a safety standard, our VTA is fitted with zero tailswing.



Re-designed plastic bucket

Made from a P Copolymer White UV, this material is outstanding for its toughness, high strength and is high chemical and corrosion resistant – making it highly strong and robust compared to other manufactured buckets available.

Due to the re-design and strength, the bucket is ideal for use in many different sectors including arborist, DNO, and line management.



Your can-do colleague, the new VTA-135 is perfect for many sectors, including arborists, utilities and telecoms.

Find out more about the VTA135 or speak with a team member today to discuss exactly how the VTA135 can help you, email or call 01536 721010.